Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Yes, all of our products have a full 12 month warranty against product or fitting defects.

How easy are your kits to fit

We have made them to be fitted by anyone with a reasonable level of DIY skills and full instructions will be provided. The kits are modular and fit the vehicles they are built for so fitting shouldn’t cause any issues.

Which vehicles do your kits fit?

We currently make kits which fit into VW T5 and T6 in short and long wheel base and Ford Transit custom vans. These are made for those specific vehicles and fit properly so won’t fit other vans unfortunately. Our kitchen pods and toilet covers are generic and will fit any vehicle. The design and prototyping of the kits is a long process but we will be adding more vehicles in the future so please keep checking back.

Can I fit the kits myself?

Currently the L and U shaped belted furniture is for fitting by us only. This would require you to visit our premises at a pre arranged time when the fitting would be done. It will take around 4 to 6 hours during which time you can enjoy the beautiful town of Beverley. All other furniture can be either self fitted or fitted by us for a fee which will be calculated when you order.

Do you offer delivery?

Due to problems with deliveries in the past we don’t offer a delivery service for our kits.

What size rock and roll bed are your side kitchen kits compatible with?

We have designed them to work with either 112cm or 120cm beds which should cover most popular model of bed. Please ensure you check before ordering as the kits are made to fit exactly.

Do you offer full vehicle conversions?

No, we have stopped the vehicle conversion side of our business to focus on supplying and fitting these new kits.

What stage of conversion do I need to be at for you to fit the kits

In order for us to fit, your vehicle needs to be boarded out and carpeted (if you will be carpeting). We would suggest that you have completed all of your first fix for electrical etc. as the furniture may make this difficult afterwards. We also ask that the vehicle is cleaned inside and out prior to bringing it to us.

Can you make bespoke kits or make changes to the designs?

The design process for the kits takes a lot of time as do changes to those designs. We feel that the designs we have are well thought out and meet the needs of most people so in order to keep costs and lead times to a minimum we are unable to make any design changes.

Can you make my furniture in a different colour?

We offer a choice of the most popular colours and keep these on stock to reduce timescales and costs. If you want something different our suppliers have a huge range of colours to choose from so let us know what you want and we will get you a price and give you a production timescale.

How long will it take for you to make my kit and what are the fitting timescales?

Timescales vary depending on how many orders we have and will be indicated on our product pages. Once we receive your order we will contact you to confirm when production will be complete and arrange a fitting/collection date.

Is your seating safe for travelling in?

Our belted seating uses M1/N1 crash tested products so is safe for travelling in. Unbelted is for use whilst stationary only.